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The Band


The new band is a nine piece ensemble focusing on new and rhythmically intricate music.   Performances are amplified and tread the line between formal concert genres and more informal musics.


It consists of three wind (2 saxes, trumpet), three percussive (2 percussion, piano) and three plucked instruments (guitar, harps, bass).   The first concert was given at Chester Festival on 15 July 2009.   The ensemble toured the UK in 2010/11 and in 2012 performed at the ROH in a new opera, and as part of the Cultural Olympiad with the LCO.


Dealing with pulse and rhythm and using relentless stamina, the music often involves long periods of dynamic unisons breaking into rhythmic polyphonic complexity.   The process of research and performance development is key to the way we will work over the next few years.


The Players


Simon Haram - saxes, Nick Moss - saxes, Noel Langley - trumpet, Joby Burgess - percussion, Aidy Spillett - percussion, Graham Fitkin - piano, Alan Thomas - guitars, Ruth Wall - harps, John Lunn - bass


For information on booking the band for festivals, arts venues, new buildings or urban space development

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