Veneer and Vamp - The Albums

03693In an unusual move, having never released an album of the band before, at the beginning of 2017 we released two new CDs at the same time!   Vamp features Graham's band performing the music that Graham has been writing over the past few years for them, the other disc Veneer adds in to the mix the sublime voice of Melanie Pappenheim.

In 2015 Cheltenham Festival of Music commissioned Graham to write a set of songs, loosely based on 'disco' for his band to perform at the festival that year.  This commission was kindly supported by the PRSF and Cheltenham Festival of Music.  Graham was interested not only in the musical style of early disco but also the social aspects, the encouragement for gay rights, women's rights, black and hispanic equality and the non-macho culture which grew up around the music.  After researching it carefully Graham wrote the lyrics, in tandem with the music, referencing certain aspects of that time (such as the freedom of non-partner led dance) and using present day fragility of trust (in people, things, oneself...) as a central tenet.   For the album itself Graham added in one other track to the exisiting six songs called 'I'm Such A Shallow Person'.

An accompanying book to these albums was also produced.  MacGuffin includes all the lyrics from the songs, compositional sketches, images taken by Lottie Davies and text from Graham about his feelings towards writing the music.