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World Saxophone 2005

Worldwide Collaboration with 12 saxophonists

A consortium of 12 tenor saxophone soloists from around the world commissioned Graham to write a new work for sax and audio to be performed in 12 locations in 9 different countries in April 2005.

Graham initially recorded saxophonist Andy Scott playing long sustained tones and then used these recordings as the basis for the audio backing.     Graham then composed the work between October 2004 and January 2005.  The resulting piece for tenor saxophone and audio backing is called Passing.   The audio backing is comprised simply of drones which have been manipulated so that gentle pulsing and phasing occurs.    The whole piece is very sustained and lasts just under 12 minutes.

The saxophonists who commissioned the work and who comprise the Worldwide Tenor Saxophone Consortium are -

Yasushi Arai
Antonio Cafolla
Neil Crossley
Tony Davis
Amy Dickson
Christoph Enzel
Lara James
Jenny Lyons
Steven Mauk
Federico Mondelci
Leonie Schaller
Andy Scott

The whole project was co-ordinated by Andy Scott.  Passing is available from the Shop