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Fibonacci Sequence 2009

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The Fibonacci Sequence is a London based chamber ensemble led by pianist Kathron Sturrock. The group is named after Leonardo of Pisa, the mediaeval mathematician commonly known as Fibonacci. The series of numbers named after him occurs throughout the natural world and the relation of the numbers to each other is directly connected to the Golden Section, used by many artists and composers to determine proportions in their work.


Graham was commissioned by Ron Farquhar to write music for a mixed ensemble of violin, viola, cello, clarinet, horn and piano to be toured in 2009. He wrote the piece in 2008 and it will be premiered in Oxford in May 2009.


The music is concerned with striving and endeavour, the sheer effort which goes into life and the resulting stresses, strains and distortions that accumulate. The pent-up feeling of a body under torsion, things breaking down or struggling to break out have contributed to the music. There is a lot of unison in the work and the music itself is often jagged and counterintuitive requiring great stamina. It is called Sinew.



4 May 2009   Holywell Music Rooms, Oxford, UK

diary : Sinew | track_no_sale : Sinew excerpt
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