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Kaplan 2003

The Event
A 63 minute performance involving two musicians, live and recorded video.   The music is structurally non-programmatic.  It was fully composed without reference to any visual material and therefore leads the visual structure. Unlike many audio-visual performances in which the music is subservient to the other material involved, this performance is driven by the music and its inherent structure. Having said all that, there is a background thread that frames the atmosphere of the whole and this is the character of Kaplan in Hitchcock's film North By Northwest (see below).
The Music
Kaplan was composed in 2002 and 2003. It lasts 63 minutes and comprises seven tracks. Each track is essentially self-sufficient, although they were composed to fit together as one large piece. "I wanted to imbue the score with harmonic and rhythmic ambiguities which perhaps lead towards certain conclusions and then reveal other results which may be more important. This occurs over various architectonic levels and refers not just to micro-musical material (i.e. the ubiquitous minor triad with major seventh or multi-phasing of rhythmic sets) but also the style of the music and its context within other current musics."
Who is Kaplan ?
George Kaplan is the central character in Hitchcock's film North By Northwest.  And yet he doesn't exist.
The film's hero (played by Cary Grant) is initially mistaken for George Kaplan. His subsequent search for this man, and that of his pursuers, provides a large part of the movie's plot. As an audience we only realise half way through the film that George Kaplan does not exist. Cary Grant realises it far later on.  I like the idea of mistaken identity. I also like the idea of searching for a hugely important thing which turns out at best to be something entirely different and at worst totally irrelevant. It intrigues me and certainly features in my own life.

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