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The Multiplier Series 2009

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The Multiplier Series was a group of events curated by Graham at Kings Place, London.  Each evening mixed three instrumental groups, each focusing on a single timbre of monochromatic sounds and eschewing unnecessary orchestration.    The events looked at how multiples of similar sounding instruments can be a potent musical force.


There were six initial events from autumn 2008 through to May 2009 featuring instruments such as 8 cellos, 4 clarinets, 2 harpsichords, 2 cardboard boxes, 18 guitars etc and often there will be a little video or tape piece thrown in too.   Graham introduced each evening and occasionally interviewed the composers.


Performers included The Elysian Quartet, Andrew Poppy, Ensemble Bash, Parkinson Saunders, Powerplant, Nash Chapman Duo and many others.   Composers included Steve Reich, Jeremy Peyton Jones, Laurence Crane, Stephen Montague, Matthew Shlomowitz, Howard Skempton, Joe Cutler, Tim Parkinson and many others.


Click on the links below to see the programmes of each event

text : Multiplier 1 | text : Multiplier 2 | text : Multiplier 3 | text : Multiplier 4 | text : Multiplier 5 | text : Multiplier 6
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