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RLPO 94 - 97


From 1994 to 1997 Graham was Composer in Residence with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society.   This involved the creation of six new orchestral works , a new dance score for Wayne McGregor, involvement in large scale community projects and directing two education projects each with over 200 musicians.


The partnership between Graham and the RLPS was funded in part by the Arts Council of Great Britain's Composer in Association scheme and he started work in January 1994.   The six orchestral works composed were Henry, Metal, Bebeto, Granite, Graf and Length.


Their first performances were as follows -


Length was an arrangement of an earlier ensemble piece.   It was premiered at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral with the RLPO conducted by Junichi Hirokami on 16 November 1994.  Henry was composed for the tercentenary of Purcell's death.   It too was premiered at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral with the RLPO and conducted by Richard Hickox on 29 April 1995.


Bebeto was composed for Merseyside Youth Orchestra and premiered 27 July 1995 by the MYO with conductor Ed Warren in Chester Cathedral.  Metal was composed for the reopening of the Philharmonic Hall on 14 September 1995 and performed by the RLPO with Libor Pesek.  Granite was composed for solo piano and orchestra and premiered by Peter Donohoe and the RLPO on 22 November 1995.  Graf was composed in 1996 for percussion ensemble and orchestra.   It was premiered at the Philharmonic Hall by the RLPO and Innersense on 20 July 2006.


Graham worked in the borough of Sefton throughout the residency on education and community projects and worked with 16 different schools over a period of two years.   These were supported by PRSF.    He also worked in Soweto with members of the RLPO and the students of Pelmamma Acadmey in 1995.


Henry, Metal, Bebeto, Granite and Length were recorded by Decca for their Argo label in 1995.

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