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Still Warm

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FitkinWall combine ancient instruments with new technology.


Three harps, live and pre-recorded sounds, rhythmic and multi-layered music with live visuals.    Performers were Ruth Wall - harps, Graham Fitkin - composer and keyboards, Nickin - visuals, Cris Baxendale - sound.     The idea is to take the rather intimate and beguiling sound of the harp out of its comfort zone.  The familiar sounds of these plucked instruments are meshed into a new world of pixellated timbres, scattered beats and grooves.


We wanted to perform this music not just in standard sit-down-and-listen music venues but in a range of places from clubs through festivals to churches so that people who might not normally encounter this music would get the chance to hear it.  So, we performed at the Eden Project in their Mediterranean biome, in electronica club venues, festivals, churches and so on from north of Scotland to southwest Cornwall.


Ruth plays three harps - Scottish lever harp, Irish wire-strung harp and the buzzing bray harp.  Graham plays keyboards, mixes and digitally manipulates these sounds live.   The album Still Warm was released in 2007 and is available from this site.

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