'Flak' on CD

"Flak is bursting with great ideas, enthralling moments and imagination.   Fitkin is unafraid both of basslines that could come straight from Holland-Dozier-Holland and the pentatonic energy of modern jazzmen like Corea."

Classic CD, UK
"Fitkin's majesterial debut simply has no equal."

Wire, UK
"It’s engaging, memorable and unpretentious music."

Classic CD, UK
"A fresh faced composer on a fresh new label is something to welcome.   When Tony Wilson declared some years ago that new classical music was to be the future direction of the pop-orientated Factory Communications many were indeed shocked.   Amidst a swathe of releases, featuring early music, Satie and sluggish choral works, Fitkin’s majesterial debut simply has no equal."

Vox, UK
"Vox’s record rating system demands that ten out of ten be considered perfect.   Well, nothing is ever perfect (except sex-sometimes) so this gets nine - and some.   Graham Fitkin has to be one of the most promising composers I have heard to date.   His collection on this disc is entirely for piano, sometimes four pianos are used and the resulting eight hands provide a wonderful tapestry of colourful rhythms.    Fitkin scores in a highly skilful manner, occasionally adopting classical themes yet retaining a highly modern overall feel to the music.   It is exciting music too, quickly attracting one’s attention and managing to hold it throughout.   There are some quite outstanding solo pieces played by Fitkin himself with immense attention to detail and time domain.

I refuse to predict anything that I may have cause to regret but I will simply suggest that if Graham Fitkin continues to develop his composing for the piano in the direction indicated by his recording then watch out for him.   On this showing at least, he is obviously beguiling as both a pianist and composer.   As for the disc - almost perfect."

Select, UK
"Probably the best of the recent batch of Factory Classical releases, Fitkin’s album shows a composer unafraid of the here and now, filling his work with an urgency and colour usually found in the best rock music. Born in Cornwall in 1963, Fitkin is a pianist/composer whose interest,like jazz great Keith Jarrett’s lies in abstraction - but although Fitkin’s music sounds improvised it is composed.  The pieces require many pianos or even many players at a single keyboard.   And cracking tracks they are too, mingling Steve Reich with Scott Joplin and fresh as spring heather.  Slow pieces for solo piano, like  The Cone Gatherers, recall the Indian tonations of La Monte Young’s work but Fitkin’s sense of drama never lets anything become mere ambience.   This debut immediately establishes him as a visionary like Jarrett and possibly England’s first great modern pianist.     Impressive."

The Independent On Sunday, UK
"Some of the most memorable, mesmerising and addictive new music to emerge in 1990."