Orchestral Reviews

The Seattle Times, USA on Aract
" surging, syncopated score by composer Graham Fitkin."

The Independent, UK on Granite
"Granite is a tour de force."

Daily Telegraph, UK on Henry
"A homage to Purcell, maintains a familiar directional dynamicism but moves more slowly, using strong rhythmic shapes, sharp melodic profiles, lush orchestral overtones and rich harmonic underpinning.    There is no sense of compromise here."

The Washington Herald, USA on Fervent
"the suspenseful, Hitchcockian score by Graham Fitkin"

The Independent, UK on Agnostic
"Nothing could have prepared you for the world premiere of Graham Fitkin’s clarinet concerto AGNOSTIC. Though Fitkin has been producing really interesting and engaging work for some time now this was, by any standards, a quantum leap forward.    Opening with a long, Mahler-like breath of strings, the soloist David Campbell - who played superbly - was forced through a deeply moving progression of increasingly querulous and turned-in-on-themselves harmonic loops, while the strings set a sinister background of brutally stark Psycho-like stabs.   The resolution was almost achingly romantic, British pastoral updated to an edgy, utterly contemporary, urban landscape.

Though to say so sounds suspiciously like over-kill, this may tirn out to be one of the most important pieces of the age, and it demands to be heard again soon."

Ritmo, Espana on Huoah
"musica para accompanar una escena de Burger King.”