General Press Summary

Il Giornale Della Musica, Italia
"..e uno dei compositori Inglesi piu interessanti della nuova generazione."

Classic CD, UK on FLAK
“Fitkin’s majesterial debut simply has no equal"

De Volkskrant. Nederland on LOG
"The real discovery of this year’s festival."

Daily Telegraph, UK on HENRY
"strong rhythmic shapes, sharp melodic profiles, lush orchestral overtones and rich harmonic underpinning."

The Independent, UK on AGNOSTIC
“one of the most important pieces of the age, achingly romantic, British pastoral updated to an edgy, utterly contemporary, urban landscape"

The Guardian, UK on LOUD
"a delight that defied all fashionable labels and simply conjured its own whirlygig of ideas with  such spontaneity and control."

BBC Music Magazine, UK on STILL WARM

American Record Guide, USA on CIRCUIT
"fascinating piano music"

Gramophone, UK on SLOW
"When one considers those British composers with a national, and often international, reputation who are waiting for the chance to get their music recorded on disc, one sometimes wonders how the record companies decide their patronage."

The Guardian, UK on STILL WARM
"the cinematic Warm Area and Powder Trap are like virtuosic mini-concertos"

Classical Source, UK on SINEW
"Sinew is often jagged, violently-rhythmic music, using Fitkin's trademark repetitive procedures to create underlying tension.  It is a fine work; engaging, exciting and instantly appealing.   Fibonacci Sequence responded with a thrillingly spontaneous performance fizzing with commitment, energy and superlative discipline."

Washington Post on RELENT
"Relent by Graham Fitkin stole the show. Commissioned by Kathryn Stott in 2000, this driving, insistent, almost physical piece charges out of the gate and never looks back: a high octane performance from one of the most impressive pianists heard here in years."